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Syracuse Sports Association (SSA) Kickball Leagues

Syracuse Sports Association (SSA) Kickball Leagues


2023 Spring Kickball - Thank You for playing see you Spring 2024


2023 Summer Kickball - Thank You for playing see you in the Summer 2024


2023 Fall Kickball - Registration is OPEN and leagues start end of August. 






     Prepare yourself for a wild adventure down memory lane! Picture this: a glorious game born amidst the chaotic battlegrounds of recess and gym class. Yes, you guessed it right, we're talking about kickball! It all started innocently enough, with kids frolicking and developing their teamwork skills. But oh boy, did this game have bigger plans! It spread like wildfire, crossing borders and cultures, becoming an international sensation for all ages!

     Hold onto your socks, because kickball has grown up, my friend. We've now got adult social leagues where the magic happens. Need new buddies? Boom! Kickball has your back! Want to relive those childhood memories and have a blast? Double boom! Kickball is here to deliver.

     Let us introduce ourselves, SSA (Syracuse Sports Association), has been rocking the kickball scene since 2010. We've soared higher and faster than a rocket-propelled ball, and our mission is as simple as can be: HAVE FUN, folks! Winning or losing? Yeah, that's a distant second. We firmly believe that life is brimming with serious moments and trivial worries, but guess what? THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. Nope, not a chance!

     We're all about good sportsmanship, team camaraderie, and oh, did we mention rivalries? Yep, we love a healthy dose of friendly competition. So, grab your pompoms and get ready to unleash your cheering skills, because we're all about creating an atmosphere of pure, unadulterated FUN!

Enough with the contemplating and overthinking, my friend. It's time to seize the day, meet some incredible folks, and kick that colossal rubber ball around with us! So, lace up your shoes, put on your game face (or a silly one, your call), and let's dive headfirst into a world where fun knows no bounds. Are you ready to kick it up a notch? Let's go!



*For upcomming league nights, locations, details and to register a team or as an individual online please see below. **To see standings and Schedules of current leagues please click on "schedules & Standings" in the above menu bar. 




Syracuse Sports Association
7192 Oswego Rd.
Liverpool, NY 13090

(315) 447-5686