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About The Syracuse Sports Association

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SSA'S Story

Welcome to the Syracuse Sports Association, where the spirit of playfulness reigns supreme and fun knows no limits!


Our mission? Oh, it's simple, yet filled with boundless energy and excitement. We exist to ignite the flames of joy, camaraderie, and pure exhilaration through the magic of sports and recreation. 


Picture a world where laughter echoes across the fields, where high-fives and victory dances are as common as the rising sun. That's the world we're building, one game at a time. We're on a mission to create unforgettable moments, where passion meets teamwork and friendships are forged in the fires of competition.


We're not just another run-of-the-mill sports association. Oh no, we're a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts, adventurers, and thrill-seekers. We're here to unleash your inner child, to remind you of the pure bliss that comes with chasing a ball, swinging a bat, or sprinting towards victory.


At the Syracuse Sports Association, we believe that life is too short to take things too seriously. So, we've banished boredom, and seriousness is on the endangered species list around here. We've crafted a playground for adults, a haven where the daily worries melt away, replaced by unadulterated merriment and electrifying competition.


We're fueled by a passion for good sportsmanship, epic comebacks, and unforgettable moments of triumph. We welcome you to join our vibrant family, where the rules of the game are simple: have a blast, make memories, and leave the worries of the world at the door.


So, lace up those sneakers, dust off that jersey, and let your inner superstar shine! Syracuse Sports Association is your ticket to a world where fun reigns supreme, friendships blossom, and adventures await. Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey? Let's dive in, my friend, and let the games begin!



See you on the fields!


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Syracuse Sports Association
7192 Oswego Rd.
Liverpool, NY 13090

(315) 447-5686