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Summer Kickball Registration is extended to each nights spring playoff night. Some summer leagues start next week! (Week of June 23rd)
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Welcome to The Syracuse Sports Association Basketball Leagues!

Welcome to The Syracuse Sports Association Basketball Leagues!

Basketball sessions run year round! Be sure to sign up early as the leagues normally fill up fast.

Welcome to Syracuse Sports Association basketball, where legends are made and socks are rocked!


Check out our slammin' game plan:


  • Playoffs included in our action-packed 10-game seasons. It's like March Madness, but all year round!
  • We're talkin' $50.00 per team per game for the ref and scorekeeper. Show them the money, baby!
  • Get ready for two jaw-dropping 20-minute halves with clock stoppage under two minutes. Time flies when you're ballin'!
  • Sorry high-flyers, no dunking allowed. We're all about gravity-friendly gameplay here.
  • It's 5 on 5 showdowns, so gather your squad of 10 b-ball warriors.
  • Stay updated with weekly online standings and scores. The digital scoreboard never lies!
  • Don't forget to suit up in our mandatory shirts/jerseys with cool numbers on the back. Fashion meets athleticism!
  • Our leagues never take a break, running all year round. The love for basketball never rests!
  • Make sure you're registered on the team's online roster, or you'll be stuck on the bench. No benchwarmers here!
  • Forfeits mean double the referee fees, so bring your A-game or face the consequences.
  • Technical fouls come with a fine of $20. Play nice, or your wallet will cry foul!
  • For all the juicy league details, check out the listing. It's like reading basketball's secret playbook!
  • Team fees range from $500 to $550. It's a small investment for a shot at greatness.
  • Need some fresh gear? Get your hands on stylish shirts/jerseys through our SSA team store. Look good, play good!
  • We're on the lookout for more gyms to conquer. If you know of anY or if you have any questions hit up our basketball director, Rick at


Prepare to unleash your skills and leave the court in awe. Get ready to bring the heat and take your game to the next level!



For league nights, locations, details and to register a team or as an individual online please see below. To see standings and schedules of current leagues please click on "schedules & standings" in the above menu bar.


  5 on 5 - 10 player max roster

2024 Spring/Summer Monday Men's OVER 40 @ St Margaret's

More Info
More Info

SSA Men's 5-on-5 Basketball League: Age is Just a Number!
Location: St. Margaret's, Mattydale
Day: Mondays

🏀 About the League:
Welcome to the court, gentlemen! The Syracuse Sports Association is proud to present the Men's 5-on-5 Basketball League, exclusively tailored for the fine gents over 40. Show 'em that experience always trumps youth!

Team Details:

Roster Requirements: Your dream team should consist of a minimum of 5 players, maxing out at 10. Only players on your online roster are eligible to play or sub.

Uniforms: Gear up, ballers! Team shirts with numbers are mandatory. Feel free to sport your own, or grab them from our SSA store. Don't forget to declare your team color during registration.

Referee Fees: Each game requires a $50.00 fee per team, payable directly to the scorekeeper prior to tip-off.

Gameplay: Each game boasts two 20-minute halves, with the clock taking a breather under one minute in the first half and two minutes in the second.

League Logistics:

Stay updated! Our online platform provides weekly score and standings refreshers.

Technicalities: A technical foul will set you back by $20, to be cleared before your next showdown. Collecting three techs in a season might lead to additional charges or time on the sidelines.

Forfeit Policy: Teams opting for a forfeit will still bear both teams' official fees for that game, unless SSA receives a 24-hour prior notice.

Got Questions?
Reach out to our league coordinator, Rick, at

Join us for a season of age-defying athleticism, camaraderie, and pure basketball magic! Here's to the legends of the court 🏀.

4.29, 5.6, 5.13, 5.20, 6.3, 6.10, 6.17, 6.24, 7.1, 7.8, 7.15, 7.22, 7.29

6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM

  5 on 5 - 10 player max roster

2024 Sunday AM/PM Summer @ Tipp Hill Community Center

More Info
More Info

Get ready for an electrifying men's 5-on-5 basketball league that will leave you craving for more action every Sunday at the incredible Tipp Hill Community Center (formerly known as the Hamilton St Boys & Girls Club). This is your chance to showcase your skills and compete against other ballers in town!

Our league rules state that rosters must have a minimum of 5 players, but you can assemble a dream team of up to 10 players. Only those players listed on your online roster will be eligible to play or substitute. So, gather your squad, create an unstoppable lineup, and get ready to dominate the court!

To secure your team's spot in this thrilling league, we require a non-refundable deposit of just $75. Act fast because spots are filling up quickly! The remaining balance must be paid before the first week, ensuring your team's eligibility to compete.

We believe in fair play, which is why we have a dedicated referee for each game. Referee fees amount to $50.00 per team per game and should be paid directly to the scorekeeper before tip-off. Our games consist of two intense 20-minute halves, and we're taking things up a notch by stopping the clock on whistles during the last 2 minutes of each half. Every second counts as you battle it out on the court!

Keep track of your team's progress by checking the regularly updated online standings and scores. Remember, shirts with numbers are mandatory, Although they're not included in your registration. When you sign up, be sure to declare your team color so you can represent your squad in style!

For those interested, we've partnered with USA Racing to offer you the option of purchasing team shirts. Show off your unity and fierce spirit by grabbing your team's customized gear at the following link: Remember, team shirts are mandatory, but it's entirely up to you whether you choose to purchase them through us.

Now, let's talk about maintaining a clean game. Technical fouls will incur a $20 fine, which must be paid prior to your next game. Be sure to keep your cool and avoid accumulating three technical fouls in a season, as this may result in additional fines or suspensions. We believe in promoting good sportsmanship and spirited competition!

Lastly, we want to ensure that all teams show up and play their scheduled games. In the event of a forfeit, the responsible team will be charged both teams' official fees for that game—unless SSA has been notified 24 hours in advance. We encourage fair play and mutual respect among all participants.

For any questions or to sign up for this thrilling league, reach out to Rick at Don't miss your chance to be part of the excitement—join us now and unleash your basketball prowess on the court!

6.9, 6.16, 6.23, 6.30, 7.7, 7.14, 7.21, 7.28, 8.4, 8.11, 8.18, 8.25

9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM

Syracuse Sports Association
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Liverpool, NY 13090

(315) 447-5686