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Welcome to The Syracuse Sports Association Football Leagues!

Welcome to The Syracuse Sports Association Football Leagues!

Flag Football sessions run year round! Be sure to sign up early as the leagues normally fill up fast.


2017 Leagues 
Session 1 - May 7th - 
Session 2 - August 13th -
Indoor Session 1 -  
18 Dry fit team shirts can be purchased with any team registration for an additional $229.00.
Teams are required to have the same color team shirts with numbers on them, No exceptions please.  



All Games are played at Syracuse Sports Assoc Sports Park , Burnham park in Mattydale or Syracus Indoor Sports Center on Sunday mornigns or Fiday nights.  

Cost: $500.00 ($975 indoor) per team plus team official fees.($45 for 3 man crews & $30 for two man crews) 

Roster size: 18 players, 8 starters. 1 QB, 3 linemen and 4 receivers (Running Back, TE or WR's) All Rosters must be completed online by week 1.  Starting with indoor 2016 a team is allowed 1 Injured reserve spot. If a player gets injured you can place him on IR and add a player to your roster for no additional charge. This change must be made manually by the league commisioner. He can be emailed andrew@cusesports.com

Game length: Two (2), 25 minute running-clock halves, with approximately a 5 min half time.


Field Size: approximately 100 by 40 yards includes 10 yard end zones. 

Season: Depending on the league size: Season will last approximately 7-8 weeks with approximately 2-3 weeks of playoffs.


Misc: Flags and footballs will all be provided by SSA and are included with your team registration fee. Teams are allowed to use there own football for offense but it must be at least NCAA regulation size or bigger. Teams are now also allowed to purchase their own flag set for gane use. They Must be the Flag Tag Sonic flags. No Exceptions. 

Please declare your team shirt color upon registration as well. Like all of our sports all rosters are filled out online and only players on the online roster are allowed to particiapate.


  • All players must provide a valid email, full name and phone in order to be eligable for league play.
  • Fofeiting teams will be charged referee fee's for both teams unless SSA has been notified of the forfeit by 3pm on game days.


For a complete discription of the leagues, registration, and upcoming league dates see below. 


Rules: A complete set of rules, including position break downs is available here any rules not covered default to NFL rules.


Our players range from first time players to retired NFL players. We have a spot for everyone and every team. We have a high standard when it comes to sportsmanship and we encourage safe play at all times.


Alcohol:  Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED on or near the football field if you are participating in Flag Football games. This means you may not drink during the games and officials have the right to restrict you from play if they believe you are to intoxicated before the start of the game.




Flag Football - Fall 2017 - Sundays - Kickball Park

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2017/18 Indoor Flag Football - Friday Nights - SISC

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  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Format: Adult Men Leagues
  • Locations: Syracuse Indoor Sports Center
  • Days of the week: Friday
  • Starts on : Starts on Friday, November 10

Opens September 8

(September 6 for returning players)