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Dodgeball League In The Gym!

Dodgeball League In The Gym!

Who Plays?  -  Rules allow 6 on the court and one must be female. You are allowed to have either subs or what we call retrievers surrounding your side of the court as well to throw balls back into play. Maximum amount of retrievers is 4. SSA's reccomended line up includes but is not limited to, Captain Andrew "Rock" Cherock, Ray Lewis, Peyton Manning, Jim Boeheim, Hulk Hogan(1990 version) and Miley Cyrus. As well as the NY Knicks cheerleaders for retrievers.  


What/Court - Dodgeball just like grade school and the movie with Vince Vaugh, Ben Stiller ect and its played on a regular gym floor. Approximately 60x30 feet.

When - Monday OR Thursday nights with start times of 6:00pm. 

Why - This is a "no brainer" 

Where - Salina Town Hall Gym

How - Each game consists of 7; 5 minute matches.

The best of 4 wins the set and everyone plays two sets a night and all 7 matches no matter what. 


Ref's - Each game has four refs, each team pays 15.00 before the start of the game.


Dodgeball will return in November 2017!