COVID -19 Sports Leagues Rules:
1. First and foremost, please respect the rules put in place. Our league has players from every race, political affiliation, religion, ethnicity, etc. We ALL have different beliefs. This will only take ONE person for every league to be in jeopardy so please, no statements made in regards to these rules. We're simply following what's put in place so we can try and have some fun this summer!
2. If you're involved IN the game, you're not required to wear a mask but as you're arriving please keep one on from your car to the bench area. Benches may not be in place this year, so please try and social distance as best as possible on your bench area.
3. No loitering around in the parking areas before or after games. Wait in or around your cars until the previous game ends. After the game, head over to your bench area and congratulate the other team from there....No handshake lines. When the game is over you must leave the park. We have to limit interaction as much as we can.
4. No spectators for games are encouraged but we understand that it’s not possible in all cases. So we ask that you limit the spectators to as little as possible per team. (2 per team is ideal) They must be in masks and have to be socially distanced. If they are kids please keep an eye on them, keep them socially distanced but also not running all over the park. (Flag football is no spectators at all)
5. There more than likely won't be any public restrooms this year. So please come prepared.
6. Some Hand sanitizer will be provided. Please use after plays made in the field at the end of the inning or stoppages in play. Please feel free to bring your own hand sanitizer also.
8. If you’re sick, stay home. If your spectators are kids please keep an eye on them and make sure they are social distancing as well.
Flag Football Standings

2019/20 Indoor Flag Football Friday nights at CNY Family Sports Centre


  Team Wins Losses Draws Points
6 1 0 183 55
  ATM Bandits
6 1 0 126 63
5 2 0 122 85
4   Wise Guys 5 2 0 120 57
  Off Constantly
4 3 0 125 111
  Killer Bees
4 3 0 122 118
  Run it up
4 3 0 111 74
8   WHYS 4 3 0 97 72
  3rd Down For What
3 4 0 143 177
  Bombs Away
3 4 0 104 147
  D. D. P.
3 4 0 84 103
  Kings of Khaos
2 5 0 137 144
  Show us your TDs
1 5 0 69 164
1 5 0 37 115
0 6 0 48 143
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.
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